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Sunday, April 23, 2006


Burn Out the Day, Burn Out the Night

What happens in Vegas, Stays in Vegas.

And I'm guessing that's because it's just not all that interesting.

Vegas is fascinating in it's own way, but not nearly as much as you'd expect. As I leave here, the one impression I'm left with is a levelling blandness. How can Vegas still be selling itself as Sin City when there's the Internet now? There's nothing here that can't be trumped by something you'd be able to find online. I read a newspaper article about an Indiana woman who's one wish was to be tortured to death, so she went online and found a guy willing to do it. How can Howie Mandell compete with that? All the gaming tables are the same, all the acres of slots are the same, all the buffets are the same. There's no thrill here, because the very action of mass-marketing a thrill destroys it. There's no danger here, unless you count the occasional menacing gang, and that's something you can find anywhere. The only thing slightly intriguing about this place is looking around you at all the casinos, all the hotels, and all the tract neighborhoods stretching away to the horizon and knowing, at some point, all the water will go away. At that point, maybe Vegas really will get interesting.

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