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Sunday, April 23, 2006


Speaking of The Devil, Did I mention JD was there?

I realize in reviewing the previous post that I might be giving the impression that I've had a terrible time in Vegas. That's not true. There have been a number of highlights on this trip:

- running into Fat Joe while walking down The Strip
- catching the Las Vegas 51's AAA baseball game at Cashman Stadium.
- Stopping by "The Happiest Place on Earth", the Double-Down Saloon.
- Seminars that I thought would be boring, that actually turned out pretty cool. David Lawrence is one of the seminar leaders. He comes off as arrogant as you'd expect, but he's consistently listenable.
- In-n-Out Burger
- Checking out the Vegas skyline at night from the roof of the Rio Hotel while listening to JD's stories about his co-workers in L.A.

The one thing I disliked the most was the constant spending on cabs. I would rent a cheap car next time.

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