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Thursday, May 25, 2006


Captain Joe Miron

Boy, talk about a mysterious character.

"Captain" Joe Miron was a bit of a mythic figure when I was younger. He was an artist, and a bartender. He painted the semi-famous mural on the wall of the Captain Kidd tavern in Woods Hole. I remember seeing him walking the beach in Falmouth Heights. Miron died many years ago, but I've suddenly gained a bit of a renewed interest in the man and his work because of two facts I've just discovered:

*Miron also painted the mural on the wall of the legendary Kelly Square Yacht Club, one of Worcester's oldest bars.

(The Kelly Sqare Yacht Club, part of the Hotel Vernon, is on the first floor of the yellowish building seen in this picture.)

*The other interesting fact: Carly Simon is a huge fan of Miron's art and an avid collector of his stuff.

The thing is, there's almost nothing on the internet about him. There's ANOTHER Joe Miron, who is apparently a sex advisor, which makes for some interesting search results, but next to nothing on the original Captain Joe.

I'll run a Lexis/Nexus search on him as soon as I have an opportunity. That should turn up something more on him.


Interesting anecdotes.

I am shooting a documentary film about Hotel Vernon, K.S.Y.C., Captain Joe, and all things Neptunus.

Get in touch if you feel like you might have something to add!

I don't know if I've seen this lately. I had heard Al Capp also worked on the mural. supposedly painting 1 of the characters as a young JFK
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