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Sunday, June 25, 2006


Podcast Preview

Still trying to find the time and the resources to get the podcast up and running.

I tried a practice podcast last week... did pretty welll coming up with 20 minutes of audio off the top of my head. It was also a test of my new Blue Snowball microphone, which may be the coolest piece of hardware I've ever owned. (Technically, the station owns it...)

The mic was amazing, perfect sensitivity, great sound.

Here's a picture of the model I got for the podcasts:

I am also using Audacity freeware and a used iBook G4. It's a very simple set-up, but I'm finding the process itself has a bit of a learning curve. I spent an hour last week just trying to download a snippet of podsafe guitar music from Creative Commons and then trimming that to the podcast track. The number of effects you can incorporate from a simple freeware program like Audacity is amazing. I can only imagine what serious software like GarageBand offers. (For the record, I must own the only iBook in the land that DIDN'T come loaded with GarageBand...)

Anyways... with a little luck, a little time and a little inspiration, I hope to have something posted to RSS by the end of the week.

We'll see.

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