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Monday, July 10, 2006


Podcast Update

Almost ready to go.

The primary hold-up has been finding a hosting service.

I settled on Libsyn, as they seem the least evil, and all the cool kids are using them.

It's five bucks a month, which is perfect because Phil Hendrie has retired, so the six bucks a month I was spending to subscribe to his site now goes back into my pocket and I end up a buck ahead in the deal. Woo-hoo!

So I set up my Libsyn account after closing hours on Friday, and now I have to wait until Monday morning for it to be activated.

That's really frustrating, but I've been using the downtime to troubleshoot my HTML encoding, so hopefully, once the account is activated and I can upload my first MP3 file, we'll be good to go. I just switched on the Blogger Site Link key, so it seems like we're 90% of the way to getting this thing up and running. I did two test podcasts with my cohorts Jim and Brian last week, live from the back room at Leitrims, and I've been fiddling with the results in Audacity. I may just post them as raw feeds, with no music bed, just to see if the RSS works.

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