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Saturday, August 26, 2006


The Knife Collectors Show is Back!

After several years off the air, S@H has revived the infamous 'Knife Collectors Show'!

Here's a "review" I wrote of the show back in 2001:

You're missing the best show on television: "The Knife Collectors'
Show" on the "Shop at Home" network.

That's right, not QVC, not HSN... not even ValuVision. It's the
American Motors of home shopping channels: Shop-At-Home!

"The Knife Collector's Show" is on every week... usually very late on
a Friday or Saturday; prime "just-back-from-the-bar" viewing time.

Near as I can tell, it is televised from a trailer, somewhere outside
Murfreesboro. To get there, take a left at the albino kid holding the

It's hosts, Shawn ("no, honestly, I'm not Ken Berry's kid from
Mayberry RFD all grown up") Lefler and the mysterious "Mister O'Dell",
hawk an astounding and ultimately disturbing collection of giant,
grotesque, "kill-your-girlfriend-and-hide-the-body-under-the-trailer"
knives, all the while screaming, possibly drunkenly, non-sequiteurs
like "Bowies!!!!" and "Big'uns!!!". Occasionally colorful mishaps will
occur. Leffler is fond of spinning razor-sharp swords like a whirling
Ozark dervish. O'Dell wanders around the set apparently looking for a
backdoor so he can go check on the still. People call in and buy case
lots of 50 and 100 knives, prompting the viewer to ponder frightening
scenarios in the middle of the night. It is excellent television.

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