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Saturday, November 04, 2006


Podcast Possibilities

So I'm slowly putting together a slightly more sophisticated podcasting rig than what I've been working with up to this point.

As of now, I'm simply using the iMac G4, Audacity Freeware and a Blue USB Snowball microphone. That's it. It works okay, but it's a little primative.

So I've been picking up, here and there, the pieces that will allow me to step the podcasts up to the next level. No more fooling around with friends and simply putting the resulting twenty minute recording up on the feed. This is a burgeoning mode of communication, and it may change the entire media paradigm... so I think the product has to be of a better quality as well.

So here's the plan: I've scavenged a few spare pieces so far... I have a primo Tapco Blend6 mixer with phantom power, some XLR cable, a CD player and a professional heavyweight mic stand. I also have a second Mac, and old clamshell ibook. I need a good condenser microphone or two, shockmounts, and an M-Audio Fast Track USB converter. Once I get those final three elements in place, I plan on launching a 20 minute show that will be a mix of music and talk. I hope to record two or three editions each week. I'll play one tune a few minutes in, some more talk, and then another tune just before wrapping up. I bought a large table for $20 at the clearinghouse at Tatnuck Bookseller, and I plan to set that up in the cellar and do the podcasts from there, late at night before I turn in for the night. I think it would be pretty cool, sitting down there with a single board light illuminating the room, as the snow swirls outside, putting out a signal to the rest of the world. (Well, a digital stream, but you get the idea).

This picture is essentially the mood I'm looking to convey. Dark, mellow, quiet.

The only thing really delaying me is that I refuse to buy the things I need at retail prices. I am convinced you can get almost anything for next to nothing these days, with eBay and CraigsList.

I hope to launch in January.

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