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Friday, December 22, 2006


Joe Tea

I love iced tea, but the problem with most iced teas is that they are so loaded with artificial flavorings or sweeteners that they either taste like a soft drink or they just taste terrible. Also, it's not easy to find plain old unsweetened iced tea. Trader Joe's sells big jugs of black tea... really good... but not very convenient.

So this past summer I stumbled on Joe Tea.

It's out of New Jersey, of all places. Kind of hard to find, I think. The only place i've been able to find it is in the cooler of the True Value Hardware store in downtown Brattleboro, Vermont.

(I have to crop that photo. That red box is a bank, BTW.)

This is basic, excellent iced tea. Tea leaves, water... lemon if you want it... that's it.

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