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Sunday, February 18, 2007


American Culture Hits a New Low

Spinning the radio dial the other day I happened to hear a new single: "Sideline Ho" by some moron named "Monica".

All I can say is 'Wow'. I could actually feel brain cells dying as I listened to this trainwreck of a tune.

Download it yourself and give it a listen... it's definitely worth the 99 cents to hear something this jaw-droppingly bad.

Here's a sample of the lyrics:

Ho, Ho, Sideline Ho, You's a ho, you's a ho, sideline ho

Did you meet his moms have you met his kids
Noo ooh o did you know my kid is his

Noo ooh.
Ain't you tired of being on the side line,
tired of getting yours after I gets mine baby

Ain't you tired of spending all the holidays alone,
tired of being his little sideline ho

Do he take you out, do he foot your bills,
Noo ooh o, cause I know what his balance is.

Have you been to his church, do he ask you to pray,
Nooo ooh o cause sundays Family day

If you don't make his breakfast
then you's a sideline ho

You's a ho, You's a ho, sideline ho.

You're all class, Monica.

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