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Monday, March 05, 2007


Dublin Trip Report

Dublin Trip Report - this is a little obsessive, but I tried to reconstruct the weekend step-by-step. I'll elaborate and add to it as time passes, I think

3pm – Left Boston

5am – arrived Dublin Airport

530am – arrived downtown Dublin
6am – dropped bags at Earl of Kildare Hotel

6:30 – coffee in Hotel bar
7:30 – walked Grafton Street, coffee at Bewley’s, photo at Davey Byrne’s
9:30am – coffee at a shop on the corner of Clarendon street and Coppinger Row.
10:30am – meet Ciaran Bass outside Brown Thomas
11am – Internet Café, window shopping, Steeven’s Green shopping center
Noon – check in at hotel
1:30pm: Beer at The Palace
2:30pm – Beshoff’s fish and chips
3:30pm – shopping
6pm – Long Stone Pub
7pm – back to Hotel
7:30 – Go to Suffolk Street, beer at O’Neill’s
8:30 - Meet Costellos outside O’Donoghue’s
9pm – Ha’penny Bridge Inn
Midnight – pizza
1am – Harry B’s
3am – bed

9am – wakeup
9:30 – call Costellos
10am – wander Merrion Sq looking for breakfast
11am - Internet Café
Noon – lunch at O’Neill’s
1pm – Bus Tour
3pm – Bachelor Inn
3:30 - shopping on Henry Street, Arnott’s
530pm – Stop at The Oval, buy sweatshirts, buy books, get whiskey
6:30 - stop at Kehoe's Lounge
7pm – back to Hotel, change
7:30 – Meet Tony outside Mongolian BBQ
8pm – Beer at Brogan’s
8:30 – dinner at Mongolian BBQ

11pm – Beers at Mulligans, Poolbeg Street

1am – Harry B’s
3am – bed

8:30am – wakeup call
9:30 am – breakfast at Hotel
10:30am – cab to airport
Noon – leave for London
1pm – land at Heathrow
1:30 – get on subway, arrive at “The Bell”, Hounslow
3:30 – leave “The Bell”, get back on subway
7pm – leave London

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