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Thursday, March 08, 2007


Guinness North Star

I was really surprised during my recent trip to Dublin to see that Guinness has expanded into a line of limited-edition stouts. Apparently this started a few years ago. Each Guinness spin-off appears on tap for six months, then vanishes.
I was told that this is the brewery's attempt to revive interest in their product at home. Ireland is a very young nation, and many of the current generation of pub-goers eschews Guinness out of concern for their waistline.

The first of their "Brewhouse Series", as it's called, debuted in 2005. It was called "Brew 39" and supposedly it was a little thinner than regular Guinness draght and had more hops.

The second entry was called "Toucan Brew", named after the longtime Guinness mascot. It appeared during the Summer of 2006, and proved to be a bit of a cult success. Apparently Guinness received quite a few emails protesting its disappearance that Fall.

The current offering in the Brewhouse Series is called "North Star". It's smoother and slightly sweeter than regular Guinness, but not so much as it's readily apparent. It's very subtle. It's served colder than regular Guinness as well. I really liked Guinness North Star. I think it would be a great addition to their permanent line-up.

And by the way... what you've heard is true. It tastes so much better over there that it's almost a completely different product.

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