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Sunday, June 03, 2007


Ice Road Truckers

The documentary is becoming a TV Series!

"Ice Road Truckers" is the story of the long-haul truck drivers who supply the mining companies up near the Arctic Circle. They drive in the wintertime, over roads carved out of the tundra and across endless frozen lakes. It's like being on another planet... and it's extremely dangerous.

The original documentary was made in 2000 and has aired repeatedly over the years. It is based on the book, "Denison's Ice Road" by Edith Iglauer, and covered the history of the operation, including an interview with Denison himself. The original ice road runs were done back in the 1940's.

Now the History Channel is turning the original idea into a documentary series, following 6 ice road truckers over the course of a season. It starts Sunday, June 17th. If you like "Deadliest Catch", you'll love this show. Set your Tivo now!

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