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Monday, June 25, 2007


Karl's on the Quad

Found this photo at UNH's online alumni magazine site.

I think I spent half the 80's standing in line at Karl's. I can still reel off the KarlSpeak that was required for ordering. At some point after I graduated, Karl was forced to move his truck to somewhere over near Stoke. The 80's may have officially ended at that point. This photo looks like it may be from the later years, judging from the style of dress. UNH is an excellent academic institution, but individual style of dress was never its strong suit. It never is at any place with a lot of frats. Back when I went there, the students all dressed in a uniform style of Izod shirts, chinos, wayfarer sunglasses and docksiders. This photo appears to be early-90's. Flannel shirts, untucked, but not shabby. So grunge was just making its first inroads and was edging out the preppy look, but it hadn't gotten totally frayed yet. And the kids are wearing their baseball caps straight, not reversed, so it's not the late 90's yet. NOT a school that embraces the unconventional.

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