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Monday, August 13, 2007


REVIEW: Bull's Head Ginger Ale

I found this small-label ginger ale in a store in northern Vermont.

Like Moxie, BullsHead is one of the oldest soft drinks in North America.

From its appearance, I expected a clean, crisp, VERY gingery Ginger Ale; perhaps more like a Jamaican ginger beer.

The color is a light golden-yellow, lighter in the glass than in the bottle... somewhat reminiscent of the mass-produced ginger ales like Canada Dry or Schweppes, but even lighter in color.

The taste test surprises, though. It's a very sweet, sugary soft drink, with less ginger flavor than expected. Certainly less than, say, Chelmsford Golden Ginger Ale, which used to be made by Canada Dry and is now produced by Polar.

There is surprisingly little carbonation. BullsHead tastes almost like a fountain drink.

Not very robust. A very mild ginger ale.

NB: BullsHead was recently sold to new owners. its' good too see a small company like this surviving in this day and age, so, despite the underwhelming nature of their product, I hope the company continues to prosper.

Bull's Head also make ginger beer and ginger spruce beer. Those are very ginger-y, and quite carbonated as well. I enjoy both the ginger ale and the ginger spruce beer - haven't tried the ginger beer. I'm from Sherbrooke QC, not too far from Richmond QC where the headquarters are. Great stuff, all of it, I'd take it any day over Schweppes or Canada Dry.
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