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Sunday, August 12, 2007


What Goes Well with a Cold Beer

Tortilla chips! I have found the best brand is Calidad, which is out of Texas. I think you can find them at PriceRite.

I also really like Bakerfield Biscuits Brand Bean Dip - which is a boutique brand (sort of) owned by Dwight Yoakam. They used to have these microwavable dips at WalMarts... but I haven't seem them there lately. Comes in regular and Mexican-style.

And for salsa... a lot of people make their own, but I've never done that. I should try it. This taste-test says the best mass-market salsa is Herdez...

And I can't argue with that. Herdez, especially Herdez chipotle, is really good, but the addition of some homemade ingredients (garden tomatoes, etc) would make it even better.

And the beer? That's another story. Whatever works for you or your wallet. I have nothing againstg mass-produced beers like Bud. I also like serious beers like the kind served up at The Moan and Dove.

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