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Tuesday, July 15, 2008


Dill Pickle-flavored Potato Chips

This is definitely a niche product. They are impressively horrible... until you've eaten about half a bag and come to a sudden epiphany that their addictiveness completely outweighs their awfulness.

Two quick reviews:

First up - Humpty Dumpty "HD" Dill.

It's all about the "HD" factor with these chips. The company says "HD" stands for High Definition flavor, but "Horrifically Disgusting" would be more apt. These chips are so acrid-tasting they inpart a pucker that lasts for hours. After a handful, your tastebuds go numb and eventually your lips start to swell. Total overkill.

At the opposite end of the spectrum, we have Old Dutch Creamy Dill Potato Chips. Now, THESE are the real deal.

These are a perfect balance of potato taste and dill flavor. Very low in acidity. Just the right amount of salt. You can eat a whole bag of these without even realizing it. They are insidious. Oh, and AWESOME.

And then there are the Pringles, which aren't really chips at all and so we won't be legitimizing them by considering them today, thank you.

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