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Thursday, July 10, 2008


Paul Howley's Saga

Paul is the owner of That's Entertainment, Worcester's top comics store. I've known the guy for close to thirty years, though I haven't seen him in ages. His shrewd business ways and collecting instincts have allowed him to do extremely well in his field and to step away from the day to day operations of his stores.

(Paul and Rex Trailer)

Anyways, a while back I discovered Paul's chapter-by-chapter life story online. It's an interesting read. He's up to chapter 164 and he's been meticulous in the details of his tale. Paul and I are probably polar opposites on politics, religion, culture - just about anything I can think of, but perhaps that's why I find his online autobiography so intriguing. It's a painstakingly assembled look into a world unlike most. Stop by his store and buy stuff.

Stop by his website and learn about his interesting life.

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