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Saturday, August 16, 2008


Great Finds at Bull Moose Music

One of my favorite shops in Portsmouth is Bull Moose Music. Bull Moose has ten stores all around New Hampshire and Maine. Each store is unique and the place has a vibe very reminiscent of the late, great Hurdy Gurdy Man Records, which was my favorite place to buy music in Worcester in the 70's.

While searching through the bins, I found something amazing: Bill Chinnock's "Badlands". Chinnock was one of the original founders of the E Street Band. He later moved to Maine and married Dick Curless's daughter, and was HUGE in Maine and New Hampshire, when I was in college. He would regularly sell out gigs at the Cumberland County Civic Center. His album, "Dime Store Heroes" remains one of my favorites.

What's interesting about the Chinnock album is that it has a 2008 copywrite, so I'm thinking that maybe someone bought the rights to all his music and will be releasing it on CD for the first time, which would be awesome. Chinnock died earlier this year after a long battle with undiagnosed Lyme Disease, but it's nice to see that his music survives.

Plus - I found a Southside Johnny Album - "Live in Boston 1978", that I didn't even know existed.

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