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Tuesday, October 14, 2008


Assumption's Radio Silence

Assumption College used to have a campus radio station. But in 1980, the transmitter burned out, and the station never went back on the air. The studio space in Founders Hall was used for other things. No new transmitter was ever purchased. The station was forgotten. And that's too bad, because one of the best parts of the whole college experience, beyond the partying and the late nights hanging out talking with friends and the crazy weekend road trips and the hallway snowball fights and the co-eds... okay... ALL of college is pretty much AWESOME... is college radio. WCHC is a decent, occasionally innovative station. WCUW, though it long ago grew beyond its Clark roots, is sort of legendary. WERS at Emerson and WHUS in Storrs are two of the best stations in New England. And Worcester State also has an active radio station. So what's with Assumption? The school takes in enough cash, judging by all the construction on campus in recent years. It would be nice if the administrators over on Salisbury street would use a couple bucks to pick up a second-hand transmitter somewhere and re-establish the radio station somewhere in the Media Center or at the Student Center.

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