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Thursday, October 09, 2008


Right-Wing Talk Radio's New Talking Point

"Illegal immigrants are to blame for the collapse of Wall Street."

That's right. it wasn't rampant de-regulation and corporate greed. It wasn't snarky accounting and worthless paper. It wasn't the housing bubble.

It took The Noise Machine a few days to work it out, but they all seem to have settled on this new strategy: blame Thuy and Pedro. It seems some illegal alien in Georgia stole someone's credit history and used it to get sub-prime mortgages on two houses. And it turns out there are other illegals who also have sub-prime deals.

And that's all Rush and Reagan and Savage and the rest of them needed. A light bulb went on: blame the illegal immigrants!

Because it was, of course, the pool guy and the gardner and the guy sealing the driveway who were playing all those games on Wall Street for the past ten years.


I am getting a little tired of people having no shame.

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