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Friday, October 03, 2008


Sweet Deal at Mass Liquors

This friendly, well-priced package store on Chandler Street is clearing out some of its summer beers, and, right now, when you buy a six-pack of Miller Chill, the Chelada-style beer with lime and salt, they will throw in a cool, funky beer glass!

Here it is, in its cool, funky beer glass box.

The Miller giveaway posters say you have to buy a 12-pack, to get this grand beer goblet that would not be out of place in the antechamber of a mysterious marble Ziggurat.

(Here it is midway through its grand beer goblet unboxing...)

But the Mass Liquor people are demonstrating their unparalleled coolness by giving one away with each six-pack you buy, because they know that the scrilla is tight these days.

(And here it is, freed from its box, in all its Montezuman glory...)

So get one now, because the Mass Liquors folks are cool, and the beer's not bad for a mass-produced budget Summer beverage.

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