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Monday, October 27, 2008


What is WRONG with this Guy?

I hate to take a blog entry in a serious direction, but I see this several times a week and it bothers me. This guy either owns Fatt Cutts or works there. His giant SUV is parked out front every day, where countless passing kids get to read the message on his rear window. What the hell? Obviously he has the right to express any sentiment he wants, but would there not be community outrage if he was using a different word like "wop", or "kike" or "harp"? In this instance...; nothing. And why? I know the argument is that such a casual use of the word strips it of its power, but that viewpoint reminds me of the old Firesign Theatre bit about the "Trail of Tears Golf Course". The N-word is a word that NEEDS to retain its power. There's 300 years of history and pain and shame and overcoming and struggle ans reconciliation behind it, and cheapening it to sell MP3 files is unbelievably asinine. It's an important word and it's an obscene word and every little kid who passes this guy's ride on their way home from school gets a tiny little bit of ugliness callously and unthinkingly tossed into their lives. Someone needs to have a discussion with this guy. Maybe his viewpoint would be enlightening. Maybe not. Maybe it would make good YouTube material.

Chris Rock explains when, exactly, white people can use the "N word" in his most recent HBO comedy special, "Kill the Messenger." This has never been revealed to white people before, ...and, in all probability, will never be repeated anywhere else ever again.
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