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Friday, November 07, 2008


Richard Clapton

Richard Clapton has long been one of my favorite singers. Down Under in his native Australia, he is regarded as the Springsteen/Dylan of his generation. He never became a big rock star in the U.S.... partly, I think for two reasons: he had no real desire for American-type mega-stardom, and he kinda looks a bit like comedian Marty Allen, which would tend to work against you here in the States. He doesn't exactly have that rock star sex appeal.

Anyways, his CDs are available on eBay. It's all great stuff.

Here's video of Clapton performing his 1977 song "Deep Water".

We used to go down to the beach at night
fireflies dancing in the promenade light.
Ah those rock 'n' roll bands used to really swing
and I'd do the foxtrot with sweet Christine
Speaking to me with her gentle hands
fly on down to wonderland

Deep water
I'm caught up in its flow
if I'm in over my head
I'd be the last to know
Deep water
Deep water

They closed down the doors to the Trocadero
and I came back looking just like a ghost.
Posters were scattered all over the stairs
Nobody reads them, nobody cares.
Kids are retired when they reach 21
really just ain't my idea of fun


Sittin' out on the Palm Beach road
I'm so drunk and the car won't go.
My crazy eyes keep looking out to sea.
Sunday drivers are cruisin' around
wish they'd all go back to town
What the hell do they expect to find?
Sure as hell ain't peace of mind.

Deep water
Hold on
Hold on now

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