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Saturday, January 24, 2009


Slacker Radio

I picked up a refurbished first generation Slacker dirt cheap off Woot!. Essentially, it's a combination of an MP3 player and the Sirius/XM service. The cheap model gives you 40 stations, all of which are programmed by professional DJs. You can choose from a selection of Rock, Rap, Country, Alt-Country, Indie, HipHop, College, Jazz, Blues, Standards, 70's Hits, 60's Hits, World Music, Dancehall, Classic Soul, Comedy, Reggae, Latin Hits, and more. You can also go to their website and add customized stations that Slacker users have programmed... like Aussie Rock or 90's Americana. The stations get refreshed with 8GB of new content every time you dock it to your computer. The service is free. Supposedly it's ad-supported, but I've yet to hear a single ad. You can find Slackers online for $40 bucks or less. I can't see Sirius/XM staying in business if this device catches on.

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