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Monday, May 25, 2009


Memorial Day

All over Worcester, we have these little street corner memorials. We drive past them every day, without realizing that they are essentially the only legacy of some of the people of the city who went to war and never came back.

So I went around and snapped some pictures, so you can see who some of these people were and how and where they died.

Normally, you just drive by, so you never get a change to read the small plaques.

Chaplin Square is across from Worcester State College, at the corner of May and Chandler.

Fred Chaplin never went abroad to fight. He died of pneumonia in Nebraska while in training. But check it out: he was assigned to the BALLOON CORPS! I didn't even know there was a Balloon Corps.

St. George Square is at the corner of Park Ave. and May Street, right outside the place we used to call Casey's, which is now known as Mahoney's. The Square honors TWO men named St. George. I don't know if they were related. Maybe they were brothers. Both died in World War I in France.

DeMars Square is down near the old WCC, which is now Saint Peter's Elementary School, near Hammond and Main Streets.

Again, it looks like these two man were brothers. One was killed in action in France, the other in "Luxembourg, Germany". I'm not sure if that's modern Luxembourg, or if it's a town by the same name in Germany.

Langley Square is off Beacon Street near Ionic Ave.
This was one of the few memorials I came across for someone lost in the Pacific.

There are a couple of memorials along Shrewsbury Street.
Carmine Mercano was killed in Italy in World War II.

And Martello Square is just one block farther down.
John Martello was a World War II casualty in Luxembourg. He died after the tide had turned in Europe and the Germans were in retreat. The War would end just 9 months later.

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